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Do you want an activity that gets you out of the house, helps you bond with your dog, plus help you both get fit too? Or do you have a very competitive streak and want to beat the best at their game.


Well, Agility could be your dog sport. Agility is basicly running around a field or hall directing your dog to go over a circuit of jumps, tunnels, tyre, dog walk, weave poles and see-saw.


Don't be put off when you always see a picture of a border collie when an agility class has been advertised or nearly every dog competing in Crufts is a Collie.  All dogs of all sizes can join in the fun.  All of the equipment can be set at different heights so your little Jack Russell can even have a go.


I take Purdey, my English Springer Spaniel to Agility training once a week and she loves it.  The picture at the top of the page is of Purdey demonstrating at a country show.


But you don't have to pay to go to Agility training classes, you can do it yourself, there are several online shops now that sell cheap agility equipment made of plastic of wood, alternatively if you are concerned about your pennies, you could make jumps yourself.


The key is to just have fun...

You don't have to train for hours every week to compete, just when you have time at your own pace. After training for a while you'll start learning more techncial skills, which will mentally and physically challenge yourself and your very eager dog...

Perfect for a calm, balanced happy dog.

Agility - Fun for Dogs

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