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Follow my journey to become a

Tellington TTouch Practitioner - 3 years training at Tilley Farm, TTouch HQ

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To become a Tellington TTouch Practitioner, you have to take part in 6 sessions of training at Tilley Farm, TTouch HQ near Bath. Each session last 6 days and is every 6 months.


I had done my first week back in March and now look forward to going again in September.


In March I brought Purdey with me to the sessions so I could practice the TTouch massages and groundwork leading exercises. She was very nervous at first with all the people, but slowly came around. It was amazing how tiring, but satisfying it was. Poor Purdey was in a deep sleep every night.


The training course I am doing is to become a TTouch Practitioner for Companion Animals, which is mostly Dogs and Cats. But whilst you are doing your training, a rescue centre will visit called Tropical Inc bringing with them a van full of unusual (some scary) animals to practise the TTouch massage on.


I have included some picture below, sorry if you are a little screamish. I was very nervous before doing it, but I was determined to overcome my fears when seeing spiders, snakes, etc.  It's funny, I now look at a normal house spider in a different way - well I actually look at them now.


Next update in September 2011.

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