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Paw Plunger - Review 1

Interactive Dog Brick - Review 2


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The Modern Dog Product Reviews - Toys, Books & Accessories


Review 1 - Paw Plunger

No more dirty paws in the house...

I really recommend the Paw Plunger for dirty paws. It's an amazing product that 99.9% of the time cleans the paws. Bit pricey around £25-£30 depending on dog size but I believe it is worth every penny. Don't worry I'm not on commission I really think it is great.


They're quite easy to use. The initial trick is to encourage your dog to put their paw in - I always find a tasty treat does the trick. But you can have a really dirty foot one minute, then you put it in the plunger 2 or 3 times and take it out, then dry it with the towel and its clean. Murphy isn't as keen because she has a dew claw on the front leg that probably irritates her on the brushes, so I just use the handy jug without the central brush compartment for her. Purdey gets so muddy, running about in bushes in the garden that she attacts everything.  It's amazing the results after putting her paws in the Paw Plunger.

If you want to see demonstrations of the Paw Plunger before making the plung (ohh sorry about that), then I'm sure the stand will be at the NEC Crufts or Caravan Shows this year if you want to see one first.

You can now buy it from most Dog retail stores, including Amazon.

Reviewed: 25th January 2011

Review 2 - Interactive Dog Brick - By Nina Ottosson

Great way to mentally challenge your dog ...

My Springers love treats and typically love hunting for them.  So I thought this was another great way to mentally challenge them.  As it is very important to both mentally and physically challenge your dog.  This is a good way of bonding with your dog, creating a calm and balanced mind.


I chose the Dog Brick out of the Nina Ottosson range because it said it had a medium skilled level.  There's no point giving a Springer Spaniel something that is too easy.  It came with a leaflet with instructions and also a DVD.  I followed the instructions and firstly put the treats in the compartments (where the dogs could see them), then built it up until I have now hidden them.  They totally love it and waggle their tails when I get it out of the box.  Purdey (as shown in picture) really gets into the game and has learnt quickly that she needs to use her feet to dig out the bones.  Murphy is more of a sniffing girl and pushes the dog brick around the floor, hoping the lids will move for her.


You can now buy it from most Dog retail stores, including Amazon.

Reviewed: 31st January 2011

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