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Q: My puppy, Buster keeps on biting my ankles - please help?

A: This is always a challenge, when your cute puppy is hanging off the end of your trousers. Murphy was certainly an ankle biter when she was young. The way that I tackled this was just simply give a small yelp, then walk away, arms folded and don't talk to them for a while.  This is what their brothers/sisters would have done when he was a young puppy.  It lets the dog know that they are biting too hard and that they need to soften their mouths.  it's just enough to stop and make them think. Little puppies are so keen for your to play with them, that when you turn away and ignore them they soon learn that biting ankles = no play. But don't use the old method of rattling coke cans with stones in it - this will only scare the dog and associate being around you with bad things.

Christine, North London

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