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English Springer Spaniels Enthusiasts

Ahhh my much loved Springer Spaniels.


To sum up the English Springer Spaniels, here are the key words that describe them:  working or show type, gundogs, liver and white, black and white, agility, shoot, flushing, retrieve, dog


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Height: 46-52cm

Exercise: 5/5

Easy to Train: 4/5

Noise: 2/5

Grooming: 3/5

Rare: 1/5


Group: Gundog

Originally bred for: Flushing game


Body: Long curly ears, medium length, feathered coat

Colour: Liver & White, Black & white and occasionally Tri-colour (but mostly when show-type).

Characteristics: Happy, friendly, excellent family pet, active, high energy


Don't be put off when people say they are high energy, they don't always need to along walk, but you need to keep them mentally, physically and emotially stimulated so I like to take my Springers to Agility, take them for walks and occasionally do some hunting or a sniffing game. (More details on this in my dog training section).

Extract taken from: 'The Observer's Book of Dogs by Clifford L B Hubbard, The Observer's pocket series Reprinted 1962


As the group title suggests, the Spaniel race originally came from Spain, a race which most of our modern Spaniels have been evolved. In the Middle Ages, dogs of this type were divided into springing and crouching strains, from which came the Springer Spaniels (English and Welsh) and the longer-bodied Setters. Of the Spaniels Springers are the highest on the leg and necessarily the quickest on the flush. The old name Norfolk Spaniel, given after a Duke of Norfolk who was a keen fancier, is obsolete, as is the old coarse type that existed in the days before the breed stepped into a contending rank amoung gundogs. The breed was recognised about 40 years ago in England.

Height about 20in. Weight 40-501b. Colour generally black and white, often black-and-tan, liver-and-tan, liver-and-white, roan or any of  three shades. Coat short and silky.