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TTouch is a unique teaching system designed to support our companion animals through times of stress, trauma and problematic behaviour.  


TTouch increases awareness and sensation, reduces stress, fear and nervousness, redirects habitual behaviour patterns, builds confidence and focus, eases pain and stiffness due to aging or injury and enhances the learning process.  


TTouch allows the animal to attain a mental, physical and emotional balance which contributes to a happy companion.  


The circular touches are the critical link in inspiring the animal’s response, they create a base of self-control and promote thinking beyond mere instinct.  By combining verbal, visual, spatial and kinaesthetic modes of training, we enhance the animal’s ability to learn.  


The circular touches activate brainwave patterns that have been shown to be present during the learning process.  Doing  TTouch on animals relates to them in an entirely new manner, insighting the part of the brain that allows the animal to learn, making training easier.  





TTouch can help with the following :


Dislike of contact :  fear of the vet, grooming issues, handling issues, reluctance to be petted, body defensiveness due to injury, hand shyness.


Noise sensitivity : fear of thunder & fireworks, loud noises.


Lack of balance : pulling on lead, travel sickness, training difficulties, poor performance, gait irregularities.


Hyperactivity : jumping up, excessive chewing, boisterousness, spinning, lack of concentration, excessive vocalizing.


Nervousness : fear biting, timidity, lack of confidence, reluctance to socialise, separation anxiety.


TTouch incorporates bodywork and ground exercises as appropriate to improve co-ordination, balance and athletic ability.  TTouch helps increase levels of self-confidence and self-control.  The body touches find areas in the animal’s body that indicate tension, fear of contact or discomfort.  Specific movements and touches are used to improve circulation, release tension and promote a greater sense of well-being.


TTouch is used widely in many countries across the world by veterinarians, animal trainers, zoo keepers, rescue centres and animal lovers.


TTouch blends well with many other modalities and training methods and it is not necessary to adopt the whole TTouch philosophy to make a difference to an animal.  Learning just a few of the simple body touches and movements can help.


With just one or two sessions with a qualified practitioner, it is possible to learn the basic skills to enable the support of an animal through, potential stress, trauma and/or problematic behaviour.  TTouch also deepens communication, understanding and respect between animal and carer.


Kindly Supplied by:

Jane Harvey

TTouch Practitioner

Harveys Dog Training

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TTouch For Dogs


TTouch Massage can be used on humans, horses, cats as well

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