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"I want to work with dogs, but what career shall I follow?"


I've always had a dream of working with dogs, but it isn't always possible to learn a new skill or choose a job in the dog industry that will meet you're career aspirations plus also pay the bill.


I personally have worked in marketing and advertising roles for many years and feel it is time to bring this experience together with my passion for dogs. For me, the possibilities are endless, I want to become a Tellington TTouch Practitioner/behaviourist, plus also create the Springer Loaded website and possibly write for dog magazines.


But this is just one avenue that yourself could go through, I have listed an extensive list below of the many roles possible.


If you want to know more in detail, you could go to my Recommended book list in the Dog Lovers (Amazon) Shop and purchase Career with Dogs or Working with Dogs.



Working with Dogs

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Working with Dogs

What career would you choose?...


  • Vet

  • Vetinarian Nurse

  • Private Vet - Military, Cancer

  • Specialist, for e.g Dentistry, complementary medicine, dermatology, nutrition

  • Research Specialist

  • Pet Rehabilitation

  • Animal Massage Practitioner

  • Dietary Consultant

  • Dog Groomer

  • Pet Ambulance Service

  • Researcher


Creative Careers:

  • Artist, Art Director, Portrait, Cartoonist, Illustrator, Jeweller, Sculptor, Gallery owner,

  • Photographer - dog shows, digital,

  • Writer, editor and publisher, magazines or books


Rest to follow...